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Games Charlie loves!

Hide & Seek variant

One of Charlie's all time favorite games is "Hide & Seek" You can play it outside or inside, but be careful when you play inside to not make a mess or break anything! Charlie had to learn that the hard way and came up with a safer inside alternative. Instead of hiding himself, he hides objects for his sisters to hunt. Whoever finds the most gets to do the hiding for the next round. Score is kept by the number of items found in each round. Charlie likes to do ten rounds, but you can do as many as you like. Just make sure you agree on a number before you start to keep it fair. Oh, and very important, make sure that what you are hiding is something everyone is okay with and not easily breakable. For instance- Charlie learned that hiding his sister's or mother's jewelry was NOT a good idea, but hiding things like socks, erasers, marbles and pieces from other games worked out pretty well. Always ask first & have fun!

I spy

This is another game that is fun to play anywhere! All that is required are your eyes and your imagination. Whoever starts says, "I spy with my little eye something (name any color) and the other players guess what it is. To be fair and honest, if you know how to write, write down what it is & try to make sure that it is something everyone can see. You can also use other descriptions, like "I spy something soft." or "I spy something round."  

What's in the box?

In this game, you need a box or another container, blindfolds & imagination. The person who starts blindfolds the other players & puts a set number of items in the box (Charlie likes the number 10) and the other players, who are all blindfolded have to feel all the items in the box and guess what they are. Whoever gets the most right wins. Be careful not to put anything sharp in the box, but all kinds of things can be used. Yesterday, Charlie put in a crayon, a hair tie, a spoon, an eraser, a magnet, a ruler, a bandaid, a leaf, a rock and a worm. The last is not recommended. 

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