Back to nature

This past weekend, Charlie decided to go on a new adventure! He wanted to check out some nearby nature trails and decided to camp out for the weekend. It was wonderful! He made all kinds of new friends with squirrels, rabbits and even fish when they had a picnic next to a stream.

He tried to make friends with a family of beavers too, but the beavers were far too occupied with reinforcing their new dam, not to mention, they had never seen a giraffe before and were just a bit apprehensive.

During the picnic, the fish did all kinds of acrobatic flips, showing off their shining scales. Charlie was very impressed!

Later, Charlie went swimming with his new fish friends, but the squirrels and rabbits stayed on dry land, playing hopscotch.

One of the squirrels, Clyde, hurried up a tree and began to toss small pinecones to the fish, who joyfully batted them about like a prickly beachball. Charlie thought it would be fun to turn the game into a relay. So they teamed up with one squirrel, two fish,(It could take two fish to manage some of the pinecones), and one rabbit. The relay started with the team squirrel tossing the pinecone to the fish, who then had to get it to the rabbit, who then had to get it to Charlie. They all had lots of fun and even the beavers stopped to watch.

Later that night, after finishing their work, the beavers helped Charlie gather wood for his campfire. The squirrels and rabbits had all been called home and Charlie pulled out a bag of marshmallows and put two on a special pointed stick that one of the best builder beavers, Todd, had made.

The sky was clear and owls began to hoot and fireflies to dance, as Charlie gazed up at the star sprinkled sky. He said a prayer for the world that everyone would get along as well as he and all his new friends that day.

Yawning, he ate one more marshmallow and went down to the stream to wash up and brush his teeth before bed.

Because Charlie is a short necked giraffe, he was able to fit okay into a tent he borrowed from a human friend. He opened one of the windows and watched the fireflies twinkling dance as he drifted off into dreams of his beautiful day

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