Weekend garden fun!

This past weekend started out slow for Charlie. He wasn't able to get together with all his friends to play tag or basketball and he was very bored. His sisters had gone out together to take pictures and his dad was working overtime.

"There's nothing to do," Charlie said to his mother , as she was busy hanging laundry.

"You could clean your room," she offered.

Charlie just rolled his eyes.

"I'd rather help you," he said.

"I know," said his mother, "but you can't reach and I don't want to have to clean the laundry all over again."

You see, Charlie is a rare short necked giraffe and being different from all the other long necked giraffes, makes life just a little bit more challenging. Charlie did have a lot of power in his short neck and with the help of his grandpa and a lot of practice he had become really good at sports and now loved school. Unfortunately, school was out and due to a virus that had been going around, a lot of parents were keeping their children home and group sports were postponed.

"Can you play ball with me mom?" Charlie asked.

"I'm sorry Charlie. You know I'm not very good at ball games. We could play cards."

"Charlie turned away and sighed." He needed to do something active.

"Wait Charlie," said his mother. "There is something you can help me with when I'm done here."

"Really?" asked Charlie, turning back to his mother.

"How would you like to help me plant a garden?"

"I'd love to!" Charlie said, excitedly.

The rest of the weekend, Charlie helped dig holes for the plants and gather water from the pond. These were things that were easier for a short necked giraffe to do than a long neck and Charlie felt really proud when he saw all that they had done. Even his sisters were impressed!

They had planted Acacia trees for meals and bushes for snacking (Giraffes love their greens and Acacia leaves are a favorite! They also planted flowers, fruits and nut trees and other vegetables, both to accent their own meals and to share with friends and neighbors.

On the second day, Charlie helped collect stones to form a decorative border around the individual plants while his mother put netting over some of the trees to protect them from insects. Finally, they watered it all and exhausted, but happy, Charlie played cards with his mother until his dad came home with take out and his sisters set the picnic table outside in the new garden.

Everything looked and smelled wonderful and Charlie was excited for when the food

of the garden would be ready and they could invite all their friends over again to share in it.

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