Cousins & friends in Kenya

It was so exciting when I found out that I was going to be able to travel to Kenya and meet some of my cousins!

In this picture, I am greeting the bus that brought my human friends to join me. We met up at this great house in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The hosts were really nice and my human friends all said that the tea and coffee was excellent! Even the instant coffee. I don't drink coffee myself, but my mom and dad do and it seems that most humans really like it too.

While the people stayed at the house, I stayed on a special giraffe preserve with my cousins.

We had lots of fun together! They showed me all around and introduced me to all of their friends!

Most of their friends had never seen a giraffe with a short neck like mine, but I explained that my short neck only made me unique and that God probably gave it to me so that I would be able to travel and share my books all around the world.

You see, giraffes with regular, long necks, can't fit on a plane or in on most cars, busses or trains, unless they have a special open top. That makes it really hard in the rainy season. So most giraffes don't go anywhere they can't walk to. I'm really lucky that I have a short neck, because I've been able to go to so many super neat places to meet other animal and human friends.

This trip to Kenya was just before they put up travel bans. So, I was extra lucky to be able to go!

This picture is where my cousins live! It's really pretty with lots of my favorite Acacia trees. My cousins were really nice and helped get down some of the really good leaves for me from the top branches!

After dinner, we played basketball and the next morning a whole bunch of humans I'd never met, came on the bus with mine. It was like a party! They brought special treats for us to eat and some of them put it between their teeth for us to take. I guess they like giraffe kisses! My cousins and I thought it was pretty funny! We said it quietly in Giraffeneese, so the humans wouldn't be embarrassed.

I guess my human friend who is posting this will know our secret now, but she's pretty cool! I tell her most of my secrets anyway.

This last picture is from a stop I made on the way to visit more family and friends at Lake Nakuru. They have a really big preserve there with lots and lots of different animals!

I met up with my friend Zed. He's a zebra and he lives there now after writing his story. My human friends at You-nique Productions are going to make a movie and a book out of his story too!

Anyway, back to the picture. This is the equator! The equator is kind of like the Earth's belt. It's an invisible line that goes right around it's middle. I'm still not sure how they knew where to put the sign for something invisible. Maybe they use satellites? It's pretty cool though to think that I stood on the middle of the world!

I can hardly wait until I can go see more of the world again. I hope everyone gets healthy real soon and they open travel back up!

For now, I am really enjoying learning more about gardening and sharing my pictures and travel stories with all of you!

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