A giraffe in Sweden


This past weekend I was chatting with my friends in Sweden. One of them even translated my story into Swedish for me. In Swedish my name is Kalle. I thought that was pretty cool!

The first time I went to Sweden I flew into Copenhagen, which is in Denmark and we took this really long bridge, named Oresund, about eight kilometers or five miles across the water to the city of Malmo, Sweden.

Sometimes this water is called the Kattegat or cats throat. Kind of strange, but it is better known as Oresund Straight. The bridge isn't just for cars either. It is a train crossing as well.

After we got to Sweden, I wanted to try out my new binoculars to find out if I could still see Denmark. I think if there wasn't so much fog I could have.

I had a lot of fun going from Malmo to Stockholm, the Swedish capital, and sharing my book.

Sweden is really big! Not as big as the USA, but it's really long. 1572 kilometers or 977 miles. There is a lot of space between cities and it's filled with beautiful nature. We passed forests, fields, lakes and I wanted to stop and take pictures of everything!

My author, Julie, helped me to choose these three for this blog. She thought we should use just the pictures I'm in.

On the way to Stockholm, we took a couple of days and went to Gothenburg. From there we took a ferry out to some islands called an Archipelago ( a stretch of water containing many islands). We hiked up to a light house and saw amazing views at sunset!

Some day I want to put together all of the photos of sunsets I've taken in different parts of the world.

When we finally got to Stockholm we stayed at a friend's apartment. The ceilings were really high! I think even a long necked giraffe would have been comfortable.

Stockholm also has an archipelagos too, but we didn't have enough time. Hopefully when I go back! Stockholm has all kinds of water passages in the city too, linked with bridges, a whole bunch of little connected islands.

I did get to visit some castles and even saw the king drive by!

There are a lot of book stores in Sweden still. So I enjoyed visiting those and meeting with parents and school teachers to share my story.

I also went to the city where my translator, Gun, lives. It is called Uppsala and is really cool, with a river running through it, a big cathedral and international college. I think I want to go to college there, but I don't know if they allow giraffes.

My favorite part of Sweden, aside from the beautiful nature, is the museums. In Uppsala I spent a long time exploring Gustavianum museum and the Cathedral across the street.

It was good to have somewhere inside to explore, because it rained a lot while I was there. We even got some snow!

Before I headed back to Zambia, I got to spend another day in Stockholm and my friends took me to another museum. This one is a photography museum. It's the brick building behind me in the picture.

I wonder if maybe some day my photos will be good enough for a museum? I think I'll make that a new goal!

It's always good to have new goals in life!

After looking through the photographs, we had dinner at a restaurant upstairs. There are really nice views of the water and I could see an amusement park with a ferris wheel in the distance. It looked like fun.

I really hope that when I come back, I'll have more time. Maybe I can even bring my sisters. I think they'd have fun and they could stay at my friends apartment with the high ceilings.

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