Fun in Fiji!

I was so excited when I got to Fiji! Fiji is an island country, surrounded by the South Pacific. I was invited to stay with some friends on an even smaller island off the coast of the main island.

It was my first time in a boat like the ones in the photo. It was almost an hour ride, but it was so, so beautiful!

What I thought was really cool, was that almost everyone else was from another country too! You see, it was part of an experiment to have people (and a giraffe) come from all over the world to share their time and knowledge, trying to help the native islanders create a sustainable living community.

The native people taught us how to build our own huts and we made the roofs from woven palm fronds. Then we planted gardens and some people even brought in livestock, like pigs and chickens. We also brought things like computers and new soccer balls for the school on another island.

I was there with people from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, USA, England, Ireland, and of course, Fiji. I was the only one from Kenya.

While I was there, I discovered another sport that I love! Volley Ball! We played almost every day!

We fixed food from the garden and had eggs from the chickens, cooked on the fire in an outdoor kitchen we built.

This is the hut where I tried to sleep in a hammock. A hammock is a hanging bed tied to a tree or post on either end. Every time I went to stretch my hoofs though, the hammock turned and I wound up on the ground. So, I made a nice bed of palm fronds and slept really well until the rooster crowed at sunrise! Then I went out to chat with him and the other animals.

All my friends know that I love to dance and one day we had a big celebration and learned how to do a native dance. They even let me lead!

The experiment turned out to be a major success, with people from around the world getting to know and learn from each other while experiencing the Fijian culture together. I still keep in touch with many of the people I met there and I would love to go back some day!

Another interesting fact about Fiji- It was like going to two countries at once. Did you know that Fiji has a large population of people from India? I didn't either, until I was there. I even went to a parade in on village that is 80% Indian in population and I saw a Bollywood film. Bollywood, is India's version of Hollywood.

I hope you all get to experience and have as much fun as I have traveling and meeting so many interesting people and animals!

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