Charlie's visit to Greece.

Today I want to share another one of my favorite trips!

This first photo is at Meteora, Greece. It was a major hike from the valley below and boy were my hoofs sore!

Over 500 years ago, monks built monasteries, like the one behind me, high upon the unique natural outcroppings of rock here.

Before the roads were built for the tour busses that now drive up here, the monks living in these monasteries could only come up and down by either a very treacherous climb or by being lowered down and raised up in a basket with a rope. They needed some really long ropes!

One of the major characteristics of Greece is that many of the buildings are white stucco with blue tile roofs, blue doors and window frames. These are the same colors as the Greek flag.

One island in particular, Santorini, is famous for it's blue and white buildings!

I wish I had a picture of me climbing up to the town with the mules.

If you go to Santorini there is a long path going up the hill to the town from the ferry. It has hairpin turns and mules work hard carrying people up. In the summer, it is often 100 plus degree heat. So, please be nice to the mules.

Someone even tried to hire me! Fortunately, my human friends told them that I was there on vacation.

I felt a little bad, as I walked up with my new mule friends, with no one riding on my back, but to be honest, the saddle wouldn't have fit.

Another thing that they have a lot of in Greece is beautiful bougainvillea, like the plant above me.

As you all know, I love, love, love to dance! And so do the Greeks!

My last stop, was an

island called, Poros. It's a

small island in the

Peloponnese island group

just across from the Galata


I had so much fun with the Greek people and trying to learn a few words in Greek.

What makes the Greek language extra challenging, is that they use a completely different alphabet!

I had to use my phrase book a lot of the time, but I did learn how to say please (Parakalo), thank you (Efcharisto), good morning (Kali mera) & good night (Kali nikta).

My friend Julie, who helps me write my books and often travels with me, had lived in Greece. So, she helped a lot when we weren't on a tour with a translator or when I couldn't figure out how to say the word in the book.

I hope that I can get my books translated into Greek some day!

Of course, on my last night there, I did one of my very favorite things. I went dancing! Greeks have some really cool dances too!

In fact, I think I'll put on some of the Greek music I got while I was there and practice my moves!

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