Charlie explores the land of pharaohs

Hi everyone! Guess where I was in this picture!

I was invited to go with some friends on a cruise down the Nile. The Nile is the big river that flows through the land of Egypt.

Egypt is really neat, because every corner is filled with history that goes all the way back to the Bible!

The first thing I did was make some new friends who could help me understand how to read this history. These two rock carvers were both really nice! They helped me a lot. I'd tell you their names, but I can't pronounce them, much less spell them. So, I'll just call them my really nice, talented rock carver friends.

Just like when I was in Greece, in Egypt, the writing is a lot different. The official language of Egypt is Arabic, which is also a completely different alphabet. When I went to explore the old temples along the Nile river though, I discovered that almost everything was written in what's called hieroglyphics. It's almost like trying to read a picture book, but a lot more difficult. They use about 1000 distinct characters! That's a lot more than the 26 in my English alphabet.

A long time ago, back in Biblical times, Egypt was ruled by leaders called Pharaohs. Pharaohs liked to build really big temples and write their stories all over the walls. If I ever wrote and drew pictures on the walls at home, like they did, I would be in big trouble with my mom!

By the size of some of the pictures carved in the stone walls, I think some of the pharaohs must have been even taller than the long necked giraffes.

If you ever get a chance to come to Egypt and cruise along the Nile river, you'll see lots of temples that were built by the different pharaohs. It's a little strange as you look out at one point to see small mud huts and people washing, cooking and working along the banks of the river and then a huge stone temple, like Edfu's temple of Horace or Kom Ombo, where I am in the Picture above.

After the cruise, my friend Julie went to ride a camel. They don't let Giraffes ride camels, so I walked along side and tried to make friends with them. They have owners that are really strict though, and most of them didn't understand me or know what a giraffe was. It was interesting.

I was able to chat with one of the camels, Franklin, when he was on a break. We talked about all the different people we've met from around the world and I invited him to come visit me in Zambia.

We had so much fun, and if you look in the clouds behind me, it looks like E.T. is watching us, which reminded me to phone home to my mom that night.

We walked around all the huge pyramids at Giza. There are a lot of theories about the pyramids. Some people think that they were built by slaves as tombs for the pharaohs. Some say that they are like giant telescopes, because they are aligned with constellations and some even think they were an ancient power source. No body really knows who built them or why, and different styles of pyramids have been discovered all over the world.

I think it's a really cool mystery. Maybe I'll even write a book about it some day.

Exploring Egypt made me think about studying to be an archaeologist, that's someone who studies human history by excavating sites and analyzing the things they find.

Some friends and I made a time capsule, a box full of things we like to play with or use, and buried it by the relay course at school. Some day, maybe an archaeologist will find it and learn all about my village. I put my book inside, so they can learn about a short necked giraffe too.

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