Charlie does Shakespeare

A few years ago I was able to do a tour of the UK and one of the places I visited was the home and birthplace of the great literary bard, William Shakespeare. He was born in England's West Midlands town of Stratford-upon-Avon. What a neat place! It was almost like time travel! I loved walking down the streets and seeing all the old buildings where Shakespeare himself may have spent time.

What was really funny is that even with my short neck, I felt really tall when I tried to go inside some of the buildings. I guess people must have been a lot shorter then. Even my human friend, Julie, who came with me, had to duck a few times.

The Falcon, is the hotel we stayed in. Fortunately, we were both able to stand up inside. It was really cozy with a nice fireplace to sit and enjoy hot chocolates when it was rainy, which is a lot in England!

Right across the the street was Guild Chapel. It was built in the thirteenth century! Opposite the chapel is the site of Shakespeare's home. The chapel is thought to have a historical connection to the Shakespeare family!

I love history and this place was full of it! I think I might start to research my own family history. Maybe I'll find another short necked giraffe who likes to write somewhere.

We had lunch a couple of times at this nearby hotel of Shakespeare's namesake.

After a really good meal, we walked to Shakespeare's birthplace and to the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Unfortunately, they didn't have any seats big enough for me, but I did get to go see Shakespeare in the park. I think it's really cool to listen to how they talked back then. I liked the costumes too! If you've never been to a Shakespeare play. I highly recommend it!

Before we left, we went to say farewell to Shakespeare.

Maybe I'll write a play or a book of poetry next. I know I want to read more Shakespeare. He wrote over 37 plays and hundreds of poems. I better get busy!

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