Hitting the slopes!

As you all know by now, I love new adventures! A couple of years ago when I was in Germany, some friends invited us up to their cabin in the Alps. It was lots of fun! It was only my second time in the snow, and I had never been in so much! Their kids taught me how to build a snowman and we spent almost an entire day sliding down the small hill on their property.

Then we spent the evening drinking lots and lots of hot cocoa by the fireplace and playing games like "Schokoladenessen", which in German means chocolate eating. Now, who wouldn't love that?

To play, a scarf, mittens, fork and knife are placed in the center of the table next to a chocolate bar wrapped in newspaper and tied with ribbon. Then, a player rolls a die and tries to get a 6. When they get one they put on the scarf and mittens and have to unwrap then try to eat the chocolate bar with the knife and fork.

At the same time, the others are trying to roll a 6, and when one does, they take over eating the chocolate bar.

It got a little messy, but it was lots of fun!

Since giraffes have super long tongues, I was tempted to just use mine to lick the chocolate off my face. I decided to use good manors though, and used the wash cloth our host gave me.

After we cleaned up, we played another game called "Doppelkopf", loosely translated, it means double head and it's a card game.

In the game you try to collect certain cards, with different cards having different point values. After the cards were dealt we went around the table and you said either gesund (healthy) meaning you are happy with your hand or they say vorbehalt (reservation) meaning they want to play a different game. It got really confusing when someone said vorbehalt and everything changed. I can understand why it's called double headed. My one head couldn't keep up!

After dinner, we played "Charades," where you have to guess what is being acted out. I'm actually pretty good at this one!

The next morning we all went for a walk in the snow and my hosts were carrying big bags, while their children pulled inner tubes.

We walked a really long way and my hooves were freezing! Everyone else was wearing ski suits. If we ever go back, I will definitely remember to bring more warm clothes. once we were out of the trees it was better. The sun was shining really bright and I wished I had brought my sunglasses. Fortunately, giraffes also have long eyelashes. so I wasn't completely blinded when the sunlight reflected off the snow.

The kids went to a hill with their grandmother and my friend Julie, while their parents unwrapped the big bags they carried. They were skis. I had seen skis in pictures and on television during the winter Olympics, but I never saw anyone ski up close.

I was really curious and watched closely as they locked their ski boots onto the skis. Then I watched as they raced down the hill, just like on the Olympics! I was so impressed! So, of course, when they asked if I wanted to try, I said yes! I almost changed my mind though when I looked down the hill again.

Then they said they would take me to one not so steep.

I had to borrow and stuff the ski boots around my hooves, but soon I was locked into the skis. I practiced for a while and used a band in the gloves they loaned me to help hold the ski poles. Then I did it! I went down the hill! Even though it wasn't a steep hill and I wasn't going very fast, it was exhilarating!

After a while I wasn't cold at all anymore, and it felt good to take the boots and gloves off.

I really hope I get to try skiing again someday!

The Alps are really beautiful and I wish I had more pictures. Did you know that the Alps go through seven countries in Europe? They go through Germany, France,Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I hope I get to visit all of them someday!

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