Fun day on the water

I love being on the beach or out on a lake, or really any body of water. The day on the boat below is in Sweden and it was so much fun! We took a tour through some islands and inlets and I tried to take pictures from the boat, but they came out blurry. There were lots of people out sunbathing on the big rocks along the shoreline and diving into the water to cool off. I really hope I can go back to visit soon.

My friend Max, who owned the boat, even let me drive a little.

Did you know that instead of right and left, when you drive a boat you turn "starboard" (right) or "port" (left). They use these words instead of right and left because they refer to the side of the boat, rather than a person's left or right. So, it's actually less confusing when you understand that.

Boats are now steered with what is called a "rudder" in the middle of the boat, but before rudders, they used a steering oar. Since most sailors were right handed, the steering oar was placed on the right side of the stern (in the back of the boat). Sailors began calling the right side, the steering side, which turned into "starboard" by combining two old English words; Steor (meaning steer) and bord (meaning "side of the boat") The word port comes from the left side being the side that was tied up to the dock to load and unload. It faced the port and supplies were carried by porters.

After the boat trip, it was time to do some sunbathing and swimming of our own. We found a quiet place away from most of the other tourists and I was put in charge of finding some good rocks near the water to lay out on.

After we were done swimming we set up for dinner. I could hardly believe it when they left me in charge of the grill. Maybe next time we have an Acacia leaf grill here at home I can talk my dad into letting me be in charge.

I think it would be fun to really learn how to cook some day!

After experiencing so many new foods from my travels, I would really like to be able to make some of them at home to share with my friends and family.

I just have to convince my mom to let me try again. I tried to help make cookies for my sister's birthday once, and there was a small incident with the flour.

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