What to write?

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry that I am falling a bit behind on my blogging. It wasn't purposeful, but yesterday, I really just couldn't decide what to write about. So today, I am writing about the things I did and thought about yesterday.

I have been super busy with my gardening and trying to grow watermelons here in Zambia, but I told you about that before.

I have also been looking through some more of my travel photos and trying to decide which ones to share. I found a whole bunch that were on my old tablet that I want to get downloaded into my new computer that I got for school this year.

I am also working on a couple of new stories now about my friends that I have met during my travels and talking on the computer with them to make sure I get all my facts straight for the stories about them.

Looking through my photos gave me a couple of ideas for what I want to do with my life.

Of course I will always be a writer, but I was thinking, I might want to expand my writing into photography.

There are two specific types of photography that I was thinking about as I looked through my travel photos. Many of my favorites are of the different types of architecture around the world and then another of my favorites are sunset photos.

Some of the pictures below aren't the best, but they show homes/buildings in Sweden (hotel), Fiji, Philippines, Ireland, England (it's a pub now) & Russia. There are so many types of building & home designs, far too many to show them all. I think these give a good variation though.

Maybe I can do a blog series on architecture. I probably have to wait until I can start traveling again. I would want to have lots of my own pictures that I would take for this purpose. Maybe I could separate by; homes, hotels, restaurants and churches?

I think it is so neat how different places all developed their own design styles! I'm thinking I may also have to divide my pictures into time frames, and maybe city styles versus country houses.

Just thinking about it could keep me busy for a while!

Maybe I should just keep it simple and focus on different sunset photos for now! Those I can practice from home too.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to loading the photos I already have. I also need to remember to check and make sure I get them all transferred from my phone.

I hope you like the ones posted below! I will be back and hopefully more organized next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to October!

The final photo is in honor of October having two full moons this year.





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