First flight!

I just found these really cool pictures from my first trip to the United States from Zambia! Actually, the pictures are from a layover in Sweden. That's why there's snow outside.

I was going to visit my friends Julie and Michael in California and I was super excited!

Flying is tight quarters, but we were lucky and able to sit in Business Class where the seats gave us a little more room.

The first time the plane took off, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had spent a lot of time talking to my friend, Zane Crow, about flying, because I was a little scared and I thought, Who better to learn about flying from than a bird?

Zane doesn't like planes though and wasn't much help. He said they scare him, because they are so big and never move out of the way.

Fortunately, my friends Julie and Michael had been on planes a lot and told me what to expect. Julie met me in Sweden too, so I had company for the second part. That really helped. The first part, when I left Zambia, was at night. I think that made it a little less scary. I just closed my eyes and tried to pretend that I was an astronaut taking off to the moon.

Later, when I peaked out, I could see the moon and stars and just pretended like I was at home under the night sky, when I was really flying through it. It was cool, as long as I didn't think about how far up we were.

When I landed in Sweden and changed planes, I thought about how Zane sometimes glides in for a landing and thought that it would be pretty neat to be a bird. I wasn't scared anymore, just super excited! And when we took off again, I wasn't scared either and really enjoyed watching everything below.

On both flights, the pilot was really nice and made reassuring announcements when we hit turbulence. A nice stewardess came back to check on me and offered me a chocolate bar. I'm not sure she had ever met a giraffe on a plane. There was a dog across the aisle from me, but he was in a plastic bin. I tried to talk to him, but he wasn't very happy and didn't care to be social. So, it was really nice to have Julie to talk with on the second flight.

It's a really long eleven hour flight from Zambia to Sweden and just as long from Sweden to California in the USA.

As fun as it was, I was very very happy when we got off and I could stretch my legs again! I did try to stand up a few times, but even as a short necked giraffe, it was a little tight. Still, I can't wait until we start traveling again!

Me explaining why I was on the plane.

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