Design ideas & Christmas thoughts

Hi friends!

Today I am going to ask you for your thoughts on some things. As you know, there is a lot that I like to do, but sometimes I need new ideas from people about the best ways to move forward.

While I am gardening, I do a lot of thinking about things I want to do for both You-nique, my family and how I can help other people.

One of the things I am thinking about is helping with some new designs for the You-nique store, but I don't really know where to start. Below are a few of our designs I did a fashion show for.

We decided to sell shirts and other items so that I could use the money to donate to good causes, like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, who help children who have cancer & World Literacy Foundation, who help people learn to read so that they can understand more, have better jobs and a better life for them and their families.

Last month I did a promotion for St. Jude & this month I am doing a promotion for World Literacy Foundation, but I want to have more fun designs to offer and more to offer for kids.

I've been talking to many of my animal friends and they all think that they should be on the new designs.

It's hard for me to choose between my friends, so I thought I would ask my fans here for ideas. Do you have a favorite animal that you would like to see featured on a shirt? What are your favorite colors? Do you prefer T-shirts or hoodies? What makes you want to read?

We can also make other items like beach towels, posters, hats & neck gators. Is there some item that you would really like added to the store? I want to make sure that I'm designing things that you would like so that I make the biggest impact possible to help the charities.

I asked my sisters, but they wanted things we can't make, like jewelry and perfume. Also, they're giraffes, and I need to know what humans want. I think they do more online shopping than animals. We pretty much don't need anything that isn't already in nature.

I know the only other animals I see when I'm touring and go shopping are usually dogs. I have seen a few cats and once I saw a parrot and a pet pig, but I think humans are really the biggest market.

I also want to ask if there is a special charity that you would like us to support. The people we use to make the designs only accept USA based and not-for profit charities.

I hope to send my ideas and designs to my friends at You-nique Productions to have them work on and submit them by the end of the week. I think it would be really good to get some Christmas designs ready too. I can hardly believe it's only 2 & half months away!

I was going to do my Christmas shopping in this fun shop I found when I was on tour in North Carolina, but now, it looks like I won't be able to go back to the states until sometime next year.

What do you want for Christmas? I was thinking that maybe I could grow something special in my garden and bake for my friends or maybe I can make their pictures. I don't know. I've already written about some of them and I can't make the books here by myself, so I need some creative ideas.

I think I told you before that I also want to do more cooking. My friends at You-nique and I have talked a lot about making a cookbook and we've already collected some recipes. I want to know what kind of foods would you like to see in a cookbook?

That will also help me decide what else to grow in my garden.

My mom has started to let me, with her supervision, help in the kitchen again. So, some of the recipes would feature me cooking and some would be made by my friends at You-nique.

Anyway, please let me know any ideas you have. I promise to give you credit if we use them in the book.

Speaking of books. I have to get to the library before they close and get some more gardening books!

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